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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stolen copy of my content.

Why do we take our eyes off of Christ?  One minute we are reading our Bible, praying, and seeking His Will and the next we are looking to the left and right seeking out our own path.  We begin to think that we can live our life without Him because things are going 'fine'.  So we continue looking around to other things to guide us and soon forget to seek God's Will at all.

Then things start to not work out as well as we thought they would and then they unravel all together.  We are left alone in a mess of problems wondering why.

We wonder why God would allow us to have all of these problems and then we wonder why He doesn't rescue us from them. 

Suddenly we are much more interested in seeking Him out and praying.  Reading our Bible has become much more interesting since we have made a mess of our lives. 

So my question is Why?  It happens all too often and we don't seem to learn from the mistake no matter how many times we repeat it.  We continually try to do things our way and continually mess it up.  Why? 

Well the simple answer is sin and the not so simple answer is sin.  Ha! How's that for cryptic?  But, seriously sin is the reason we do things like this.  The sin of thinking that we are capable of doing God's job-pride.  The sin of thinking we are able to handle any outcome in a situation-pride.  The sin of thinking we are able to handle life on our own-pride. 

See a pattern here? 

When we take our eyes off of Christ and His will we re-focus onto ourselves and we will always get it wrong.  The Author of this life is the only One who can get it right.  We need to adjust our focus everyday so that we are focusing squarely on Him and His Will.  It is too easy for us to alter our vision slightly and then find ourselves completely off course without even realizing we lost focus.

How is your focus?  Are you daily in His Word seeking His counsel?  Are you praying without ceasing for His saints and The Church?  Are you praying daily for lost souls?  Are you following His leading and the moving of the Holy Spirit?  If not, I challenge you to change your focus and begin again with One who is worthy to be followed.

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