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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I am not sure that any excuses would be good enough as to why I haven't posted in almost a week!

But here are some anyway!

Over the weekend we went to my in-laws to see the bil and sil that live out of state and we spent all afternoon and evening there. We found out that they are expecting!!! We are very excited for them.

On Saturday morning, our library was having a sale. Every book on sale was only a quarter! I HAD to go. I skipped the soccer games to go. :(

We had soccer games! ;)

We went back to the library sale on Sunday and came home with 74 more books! (that is just my books on Sunday!)

We read Prince Caspian.

We had ice cream and hot fudge.

We bought a new t.v.

We are using a new curriculum. (this alone could by all rights take me out of commission for a month!)

We have been having fun with school.

Is that enough? I have more if not.

Oh by the way, I have pictures for every day that I missed! Maybe I will get some posted after I go to Wal-Mart to get toilet paper after everyone else is snuggled up warm in their beds sleeping peacefully. (I am not upset by this. No, what is upsetting is to get in the bathroom and be indisposed and find out that the person before you used all the toilet paper. THAT is upsetting)

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Laura in MO said...

Hey there -
it seems like March has been so crazy for everyone. Hope you April is good.

Are you doing TOG now? I am going to Susan's tea April 12 and am really excited about it.