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Friday, April 25, 2008

Egyptian Arts and Crafts

We finished some of the Arts and Crafts for the TOG Y1U1.

The girls had a ball with these Paddle Dolls. We didn't have beads for the hair, so they used yarn and tied knots in them.

Another one!

This is the Step Pyramid that our oldest built out of sugar cubes. She did a great job with it.


Kristine said...

Renita, what a day to remember, surely just the beginning of your next four year tour through history!!!!

Laura in MO said...

Great projects! Well, we went ahead and ordered the whole "shebang" for Year 2 Redesigned. :) I am looking forward to the fall! :)

momma24 said...

Laura, That is soo amazing! You won't be disappointed with TOG, it is wonderful.

I am having to look out for more of Year 1, I only found Unit 1 and they don't want to stop doing TOG!