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Sunday, April 27, 2008

As most of you know, the television signals are changing next year. We have been planning on buying a new t.v. sometime in the next year because ours was going south.

Now, we don't have cable and rarely watch much t.v.; but, we do watch a lot of movies. So, the t.v. going out was causing subtle murmurs around the house.

We started a fund for the new t.v. since we were determined to pay cash for it. We assumed that it would take many months of saving to be able to afford what we wanted. (read what dh wanted!) Since we had recently been to the movies and forked over $45 for tickets alone, we figured that we could spend a little more on the t.v. and save money on movie tickets, snacks, and gas!

Well, we saved the money a little quicker than we expected, so we got a new t.v. WOOHOO!

Here is the new t.v. We have already watched family night movies on it! It was cool.

We also watched The Ten Commandments on it for school.

It kind of makes us wish that we had satellite again so that we could use it more often! Not enough to actually do it, mind you.

We will just have to have more family movie watching nights and more movies for school!

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Laura in MO said...

Congrats! My husband and kids would be very jealous! :)