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Monday, April 14, 2008

Soccer consumes our Saturdays! Our oldest two are on the same team and the third in line is on her own team.

Here are some pics of the oldest two playing.

This is dd2 on her way to try and score a goal.

This is right after/as it went in! She scored her first goal all year!!

Then it was dd1's turn to try and score.

She did it!! They both scored in the same game and they ended up winning!!

It was so wonderful to see them working together and congratulating each other.

They walked like this all the way back to mid-field. It was a great sight to see and it looked like they were saying that it was them against the world.


Robin said...

I hope they realize that it isn't, but that your sister is truly your best friend. Your world collapes after loosing one of them whether in death or by there doing. I think we have to set a good example and let them know that yeah We don't always like what the other does or say but that We can love and charish them. We can forgive,we can be tristed to stand by eachother. My world would be lonely w/out my sister. I have lost one sister and don't have any way to fill that hole. Renita you are truly my best friend. I have a hole from bb but I would never recover the loss of you. I Love you sis. Lets keep showing them that even tho they sometimes can't stand eachother now, that it will pass and you will be forever freinds.
Love Ya

momma24 said...

You made me cry, AGAIN!! I love you more than you can know. I will always be here for you.