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Friday, November 25, 2011

They look so young

Tonight my dh and I got to go to a college basketball game.  My dad and his wife asked us to go with them and of course we said yes!  We had amazing seats…four rows off of the court.  They were close enough to see everything but yet far enough away to not get hammered by the ball or big flying boys!

As we sat there watching the game I marveled at their heights.  Several were 7’ tall!  They were ginormous.  I am sure that their shorts would have been regular pants for me-probably dragging the ground. lol 

But the one thing that stood out to me the most was how young they all looked.  They looked like babies!  I know that these very tall boys were all college age but they just looked so young.  I am sure that it is because I am getting older…ahem…but I really think that college kids are getting younger and younger.  I just know that I didn’t look that young when I was in college.  Right?

I know that I was more mature and looked much older than my age.  roflol

It’s funny how getting older gives you a different perspective on age.  Winking smile

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