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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why am I always behind?

What a week!  It's not at all what I expected and in some ways it was way worse.  lol

The week was marked by sleeping in and recovering from VBS week.  We really haven't done much this week besides just get by.  We have tried to get caught up on house cleaning, sleep, rest, and family time.  It's not like we don't spend most of our time together anyway but when school is in session it's just different together time.  kwim?

So, Tuesday we went with friends to see Soul Surfer at our dollar theater.  I had already seen it but I wanted to take the kids to this amazing movie.  I can not recommend this movie enough.  We will buy it when it comes out and watch it over and over. lol  The girls were in awe of the movie and of the main character, Bethany.  It is such a testimony to what God can do in your life if you praise Him even in the bad things.  Awesome movie.

There were some attitudes this week but nothing too out of the ordinary. ;-)  Theirs and mine! heehee

The TOS Homeschool Crew started up again and I get to be on it...again!!  I was asked back for another year on this amazing review team for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  I am so privileged and blessed to be part of this team.  I absolutely loved my year last year with this group and can't wait for the coming year.  I have seen a short list of some of the upcoming vendors and let me just say-Wow!  Be on the lookout for some great homeschooling products as well as family and home keeping products.

Wednesday we went for a family bike ride up to a field so we could play some soccer.  Luckily I wasn't asked to kick the ball around, I got to chase Bug instead.  We had a good time playing with the grass and picking flowers.  When she got tired of picking flowers she would yell at the girls!  It was pretty cute.  She would look at one of them and yell some gibberish to get their attention.  She would then clap when they looked at her!  She loves attention from the girls.  :-)

As we were getting ready to leave, H and N, were riding around the parking lot for a few minutes when we heard shrill screeching.  N was laying on the ground screaming and holding her leg and arm.  I was in the middle of strapping Bug into her bike trailer so Steven ran ahead to N to check out the damage.  She ended up having some road rash on her arm, a little on her knee, and a good bruise on her hip.  She was able to rider her bike home-but just barely. lol  She cried most of the way but she did it.  I was proud of her for pushing through it.  I need to get pictures of her arm, I just haven't done it yet. 

There has been more to this week but it will have to wait for another post-dated post! lol

Bug has been learning more new signs this week!  So now we have "Please","Eat", "More", "All Done", "Stop", and we are working on "Thank You."  She is also working on a few words, speaking wise.  She is starting to say Mom and Dad which breaks my heart.  The girls call us Nita and Steve around Bug so that she will hear it and know to call us that but my heart still aches when she looks at me and calls me Mom.  What a lovely pain to love one of God's precious babies.  Bug is also saying "Stop" when she does the sign, and "Doggie" when she sees the dog.  She has been saying the name of our oldest girl for a few weeks now and it is too adorable.  We love watching her new accomplishments every day and seeing her excitement when she knows that she learned something new.  Precious times. 

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Martha said...

Sounds like you had a busy week of "recovery". Hope you were able to get in some relaxation.

I too am excited about this next year on the TOS Crew.