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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flexi Clip GIVEAWAY!!!!

I am finally getting to this give away.  I have been using this clip for about two months and I am still absolutely in love with it! In fact, the other day I was getting ready to do my hair and wanted to do a quick up do and couldn't find my Flexi Clip.  I panicked and made the girls scour the house until we found it.  I just had to have this clip! 

So, a few months ago a good friend approached me about hosting a give away on my blog for her newly started business with Lilla Rose and I jumped at the chance.  Resa is a wonderful homeschooling momma that I know you would love to support with your business.  ;-)


These clips are totally awesome!  I am not just saying that because I know Resa.  I am completely in love with these clips and plan on buying more for the girls in the very near future.  They are AH-MAY-ZING!!

Let me tell you a bit about the hair situation at our house.  As you have probably noticed, we have a lot of girls and they have a lot of hair!  Well, that hair ranges from pretty short to long and from thin to extremely thick.  We run the gambit in just about every way.  We actually have a difficult time finding clips or rubber bands that will fit around my oldest and third born dds hair.  They regularly break rubber bands on the first usage.  It is frustrating for them and for me.  Consequently they don't put their hair up that often.  Then we have the 6yo that has fine hair and we struggle to keep her hair up.  That is just as frustrating.

When Resa approached me about reviewing a Flexi Clip, I wasn't holding out much hope.  I had seen them before and was curious but didn't see how they would be any different than what we could buy in the store.  Boy was I wrong!

I got our Flexi Clip and started playing around with it.  It was so much fun!  heehee  When I looked at the guide that came with it I started having even more fun.  There are so many options with this clip that I don't think I have found them all yet.  And it is so easy to use.  Did I mention that I love this clip?  ;-)

Curious?  I bet you are!  Resa's website is here.  Head over there and look around.  There all sizes ranging from Mini to Extra Large.  We got the Large Freestyle Princess Tiara and have used it for all the girls.  There are also other items for sale that I am drooling over.  There are also How To videos and Sizing and Styling Videos that I strongly recommend watching.  They are very informative and helpful. 

Isn't it Gorgeous?

Here are some pictures of a few ways we have used this Flexi Clip.

This is the 6yos hair that we put in a full bun.

It looks beautiful like that and it will stay all day.  Seriously!

This was the only way she would wear her hair after she donated it!

This girl has such thick hair!  She loves this clip too because it is pretty but not girly!

Her hair is chin length but thick.  She likes the funky, fun hairstyles and this clip is perfect for it.

This is my hair and my go to quick style I have been doing lately.

It's a little sloppy here but it will hold until I take it down. 
So, want to know how you can get your hands on one of these amazing clips?  I HAVE ONE TO GIVE AWAY!!!  All you have to do is check out Resa's website, find one you love and leave a comment here with the name of the clip.  Resa is going to award one lucky reader a $15 gift certificate so you can have your own Flexi Clip or other item from Lilla Rose.  

This Give Away is going to be open until the June 21st.  I will draw the winner on Tuesday and let them know by email so be sure to leave me a way to get a hold of you.  Tell everyone you know about this Give Away and Resa's website!!


Hannah said...

I love the Celtic cross and dragonfly bobby pins!!!

chillywilly said...

Celtic cross and the open heart dangle.

Sharon Duncan said...

Sea inspired dolphin would be awesome at the beach!!

Berry Patch said...

I'm with everyone else. I LOVE all the celtic ones and would have a hard time choosing, but I think the celtic cross (medium size - antique finish) is my favorite! I'm eager to try these out given that I have fine hair and tend to wear it up all the time. Something new & different would be great!

Denice said...

Nice way to say good bye to the scrunchies. I love the silver scroll work butterfly.


Debra said...

Every time I look at these, I think I have a different favorite. Today, it is the Prominent Dragonfly

Lisa said...

My 9 year old daughter with hair past her waist loves the Silver princess tiara dangle. She was drooling over them all.

Libby.Terrell said...

I love 'floral design'. It was hard just choosing one though!

Siesie said...

I love the Roman Cross Flexi 8 in antique brass. It would match almost anything.

Bubbles said...

I love the Freestyle that you got, it can be worn with brown or black silver or gold...but I also really like the Smokey Topaz and the Etched Diamond Shape Gold. Hope I win this would be perfect for putting up my hair in Tanzania!!!! I'll let everyone know about your giveaway too!

~kjirsten~ said...

Only one...antiqued simple band. ;-) They are all great. I would love to have a couple. :-)
Resa I didn't know you were selling these. I have been interested ever since I saw the booth at the homeschool convention but I could never get to the booth because of all the ladies. :-)

Sharon said...

Torn between the Simple Dangle and the Scrollwork Design. These are beautiful! Glad I grew my hair out. My daughter and I will have to look at these.

Karla said...

I think the Hawaiian flower multi or the flower blossom medley would be fun to wear.

Sarah said...

I like the Sea Inspired Dolphin and the Fluttering Hummingbird in size medium.

SeekingHim at gmail dot com

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

So many cute choices. My oldest daughter would love a hairband or an oring, but I think I would choose a flexi-clip! Probably the dolphin. ;0)

Kimberly Kovach said...

Freestyle headband. Topaz is mu second fave. Love them all.