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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Guess what we did on Wednesday of vacation?  Yup, swimming! heehee  But first we went shopping.  No, I take that back, we went swimming mid-morning and it was cold! :-) For shopping, we went to one of the outlet malls and walked around and did some window shopping.  Okay, Steven and I did the window shopping the girls were serious!  H and N found some lip gloss-big surprise there-but S couldn't find anything that she really wanted.  Several of the stores she went into i.e. Justice and the like were too expensive even with the 40% sales.  What's with that by the way?  What do they offer that no one else does?  Is it just about "the name?"  Because if it is, it's not worth it.  But that's just my humble opinion. 

After walking around for what seemed like an eternity Steven offered the troops a bribe.  He bought ice cream for us all if we could stop going into stores like Claire's!!  So we sat and ate our ice cream while people watching.  Bug got some vanilla ice cream and absolutely loved it!  We got her a very small scoop and only gave her a small portion of it but she enjoyed it all the same.

After shopping we met the entire crew for Mexican food.  There were 23 of us sitting in that restaurant!  13 of those being kids. lol My but it was noisy!  Each of the girls ordered for themselves and and enjoyed what they ordered.  Bug ate quite a bit of my beans and rice and some of the enchilada too.  She kept asking for more!  She was amazing to sit in that high chair the whole time we were there and she didn't complain once.  I think that might have been because there was so much activity going on around her!

Swimming came again after supper but not until late in the evening.  Three nights a week the lodge puts on Dive-in movies.  They put up a big screen and show movies while you swim.  It is great fun for the kids but something the adults mostly endure!  Thankfully this year I didn't have to, I mean get to swim.  I was holding Bug and we got to snuggle and visit with the ladies.  We visited and visited and Bug flirted with my sisters-in-law until she fell asleep.  Before she fell asleep she loved watching the kids play in the pool and giggled at the littlest things they would do. 

Here are a few pics from the day.

She was eating pancakes and getting so excited about it!

The water was COLD-to me anyway! 

She got used to it and loved it!

I think she is part mermaid.  No really, I do.

I'm not sure if they planned this or not but it is so cool!

I could not keep her out of the deep end.  She loves being in the water.

Wednesday was another great day.  But by the time we got to be after the movie, we were spent!

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