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Sunday, June 5, 2011

We made it!

Well, we made it all the way here with very little to no fuss. The car was completely packed to the max and the girls were getting really cozy in their seats but they were troopers! Everyone was happy and cooperative the entire trip. Can you say that's a God thing? I can and I am!

But was amazing on the trip. She slept most of the morning, woke up for lunch, played a little before getting back int he car and taking another nap. She was happy and played most of the time. She only got a smidge fussy when we got into the hills but after giving her her pacifier she was just fine. She only really got fussy when we stopped the car to check in to the lodge. When we got to the room she ran around exploring the rooms right along with the big girls!

Supper was quick in an effort to go swimming with the group. We made it and the girls were in the pool before my shoes were off. Our youngest wasn't quite big enough last year to touch the bottom of the pool except by the very edge. This year she can swim like a fish and touch all the way out to the middle! She swam and played until we had to drag her out. H, the 9yo was getting her goggles ready and making plans for what she would look at under water.

Steven took Bug into the water but she wasn't too sure she liked it. We took her over to the baby pool to let her sit in the shallow water and she warmed up to it right away. She started exploring the water by lifting one leg and letting it float in the water. She would put that leg down and the let the other float. It was pretty cute! We took her bag to the big pool so she could watch all the other kids and she thoroughly enjoyed it this time. She was laughing and smiling and splashing water at people. She would get so excited that she would give lots of kisses. :-)

Changing after the pool is always a challenge bc the rooms are soo chilly after the warm water. There were so many shivering girls in the room that I could only stand there and marvel. What a blessing these girls are to us. They are just wonderful and I love them all so much. Bedtime was amazingly easy-they were all exhausted! hahaha Steven got Bug to take her bottle and she fell asleep quickly after that and the girls are in heaven because we let them watch tv to fall asleep with! That is definitely a vacation treat!! lol

The first day has been a success and I am excited for the rest of the week. I promise to have pictures up tomorrow. I just really want to get some shut eye while the kiddos are snoozing themselves. ;-)

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