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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Week in Review

I discovered a recipe for Funnel Cakes that my family just LOVED!!!

My dh had not actually ever had one before and he ate three that night. :)

The batter made about 15 and we did not even come close to eating them all.

One morning we woke up after a storm and found this in our back yard.
I am so sad because it was that pretty purple flower tree. Now, I think that dh is going to cut it down. :(

My 8yodd is getting into cooking. And because I am a homeschooling momma, I encourage it highly so we can count it as Home Ec!

Actually, I encourage it because then I don't have to do as much cooking. :)

She found a recipe for Chocolate Dumplings in Chocolate Sauce. She made them all by herself and they were delicious.


Robin said...

I'm kinda hurt that i haven't had any funnel cakes. Oh well.

momma24 said...

If you come next Tuesday night and spend the night, we can make them for you then!!!

Kristine said...

Would you please, please, please share the funnel cake recipe? I can't get email updates to comments (despite what blogger says), but would you please email it to me?

Dd's coming home on Wednesday, and her girlfriend will be here for a week. These would be great fun to make while her friend is here!

Awesome looking chocolate dumplings, what a sweet girl your dd is (uh, no pun intended!).

Robin said...

yeah I'm coming Tues. good idea. you really do love me :)
love ya sis