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Monday, July 7, 2008

More 4th of July!!

This is the snake that we use to scare my mother half to death! It was tossed around quite a few times this weekend!

This is my brother's dog. Her name is Tasha. She is one of only two little yappy dogs that I like.

Drying off and being cute. ;)

Are you doing ballet? Maybe kung-fu?

This is someone's leg ( I won't say who) let's just say that they were in a lot of pain later.

My nephew, who is so sweet with all the little girls that were vying for his attention.

My other nephew who played Ring-toss for hours on end with my 3yodd.

My sister's sunburn. EEEWWW did it hurt!

Yup, that is her!

I can't wait until next year. It is so much fun to be with my family and just hang around. Next year though, we are going to have bigger and better prizes. Like Chocolate! ;)

1 comment:

Robin said...

Good pics. I love that we do this weekend no matter what. now if we can just get bs here with her kids that wld be great.