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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Changing the dynamics

Well, the three oldest girls are at Nana's and Gramps' house this week for Cousins Camp. They were excited and nervous to go! There are 6 girl cousins there and they will be spending from Tuesday night until Saturday afternoon there.

Nana has all kinds of things lined up including a study of Esther. I am excited to hear all about it!

In the meanwhile that left our youngest home alone. I think that this may be the first time EVER that she is without her sisters.

We were a little nervous for her because any time just one of the girls would leave, she would cry for them and get very sad until they came home.

She is doing well, so far! We went to the zoo yesterday and went to see Wall-E last night. She LOVED it. Today we went SHOPPING for shoes. She needed them and it was kind of fun to only have to buy for one child!! She ended up getting two pairs and I got one as well!

Tonight we are going swimming with Daddy! I am not sure what is going on tomorrow during the day; but, tomorrow night we are going to dress up and go to a fancy restaurant! That should be interesting!

It is odd only having one child! I almost don't remember what it was like with just one. I am much more easy going with just one. That makes me sad.

On the other hand, the other girls help me keep an eye on her in the stores and now I am having to do it alone. It has worn me out!!

I am anxious for the other girls to get home (I miss them terribly) but, I am also glad to have had this time alone with the youngest. I don't think that will happen very often and I will cherish every minute of it.

For now, I have to go and watch The Wizard of Oz. (I HATE, LOATHE, DESPISE THAT MOVIE) But, I will do it for that little blue-eyed blonde that is asking PLEEEEASE and smiling at me!


Robin said...

what a good mommy. maybe you'll get lucky and only have to watch it once. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

momma24 said...

NOPE, we've already watched it twice. UGH

Kristine said...

Aw, that's so sweet! We had a great day or two with Trevor being the "only," but then we went back into our routine, and he didn't really get to enjoy it for a long enough time.

That makes me feel like a really bad mom....