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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Two days in a Car with 4 kids and a sister, then a Mom!

On Wednesday morning at o'dark thirty my sister, my kids, and I set off for Oklahoma. Why, you say did we do that? Well, that is a very long story! I will tell a very shortened version...

First, here is a picture of the morning God made to greet us.

After the beautiful sunrise, we set off for Oklahoma. My mother was scheduled to be in Enid around 7pm that evening and since we had the whole day to kill while waiting for her, we decided to go to our old hometown to visit. It sounded like a great idea at the time!

The trip down to Hinton was great! The kids were in a great mood and we made fabulous time! We arrived in Hinton and 'toured' our old haunts and oooed and awed at all the changes to the town. Then we stopped at Hobbs, a store that will forever be in my memory as the BEST place to get drinks and candy. We ordered Cherry Salty Dogs. MMMM They were just as good as we remembered them. The kids, however, did not like them as much as we did. The youngest stated that she would throw up if she ate more of it!!

After Hobbs we went to Red Rock Canyon to hike. It took a while and let me just say that my kids are 'city kids' through and through!

When we were done hiking we went to see an old friend of Robin's in a neighboring town. We were doing okay until during the visit, the kids started losing it. We realized that it was almost 2:30 and the kids hadn't eaten since 6:30 that morning. We somewhat promptly left and went back to Hinton to get lunch.

On the way, we spoke with our mother and her ride to bring her home had not picked her up yet. UGH We sat down to eat and our step-dad called and said that we needed to drive to Dallas to get our mom. She was stranded in the hotel lobby.

Long story very short, we only ended up driving to Ardmore to get her and we spent the night in a hotel, went swimming in our clothes and then drove all the way home on Thursday.

It was quite an adventure! Come to think of it, when Robin and I travel it almost always turns into an adventure!!

Here are some of the pics from along the way.

I love it when they sleep in the car! :)

Doesn't she look comfortable? !

We saw a lot of this.

I think farming will forever be in our blood. Scenes like this never fail to make me smile.

We saw tons of these.

I took this for Robin, kind of like therapy. :}

We tried all day to get pictures of the rivers we went over. Usually, we were too late in getting the cameras out!

AHH, the red dirt of Oklahoma. I had forgotten just how red it is.


Robin said...

What a great trip. Adventure you say? When is our next one?

Lisa said...

hey i found you! but you know that you profile pic does not really look like you! when was you hair that color?

Lisa said...

yep i found her too!!! it is addicting!!! I might need a lesson on how to do some things! haha Never thought i would say that did you!