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Friday, July 18, 2008

A Funny Remembered

Over at Jewels of my own, Kristine tells a funny story about language barriers. It reminded me of one from my childhood.

When I was 8yo we moved from Central Kansas to Southeastern Oklahoma. What a culture shock! We moved smack dab in the middle of Indian country and for this pale white girl it was quite a shock.

We had only been there a short time before school started and about the third day of school one of the boys was talking about getting in trouble. I tried to listen without getting caught and was doing a good job of it until he uttered the words I will never forget.

I gasped out loud and asked a reasonable question to anyone outside of Hickville, Oklahoma. They proceeded to laugh at me and in between their peels of laughter finally explained what he meant.

Here is the conversation:
Boy one : "I got in real bad trouble last night."

Boy two: "Did you get a lickin'?"

Insert my gasp and horrified expression followed by the inevitable question:

"Your Dad licked you because you got in trouble?"

Insert their uproarious laughter, pointing of fingers, etc.

Insert my confused and embarrassed expression.

Finally they explained that he meant that he had gotten a spanking and they laughed at me about it until we moved 9 months later.

I can laugh about it now and will occasionally tell the girls that they are goin' get a lickin'!!!


Robin said...

Oh my word I remember that. FUNNY

Kristine said...

Oh, you poor dear! Hickville, Oklahoma, snicker!!

I remember one new girl in first grade on the playground. She asked where the laboratory was. I told her we didn't have one, secretly thinking to myself that I didn't like science.

Of course, she meant the LAVAtory. Like anyone would teach THAT word to a 6 yo, lol.

momma24 said...

Kristine, That is funny! I wonder if she remembers it?

Stephanie said...

lol I'm sitting here laughing because instead of having everyone else know what is being said I'm in the opposite boat at the moment. I moved from the south to the north/midwest corn fields, and no one knows what I'm saying half the time! lol I spend much of the conversation explaining to my MIL from MN what on earth I'm saying. :) (Stephanie from SHS)