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Monday, July 21, 2008


In an effort to clean my house before RFKC, we are working like crazy women!

Today I was folding a clothes from a basket. It had been sitting there a while, I admit it!

This was the same basket that the dog kept trying to get into. I thought that she was just being irritating. She was getting in trouble for rooting around in my clean laundry. If there is something that makes me angry, it is messing with my clean laundry! Needless to say that she was on the 'bad dog list'.

As I was folding the clothes from said basket, the dog kept coming over and trying to smell in it.

Finally, as I was getting towards the bottom, I discovered what she had known all along.

A surprise was waiting for me.

Can you guess what it was? I would never have guessed what I found. Either of them!

Here is the picture:

It was hard as a rock, but actually it is a cheese quesidilla.

We haven't had Cheese Quesidillas for almost three weeks! I am pretty sure I know who did it. I guess I should have listened to the dog after all!

As I was finally seeing the bottom of the basket, I noticed 'something that was not like the other'! It took me a minute to figure it out and then to get over the shock of it.

Can you see it?

Yup, it is a cheese stick! It was supposed to have been eaten at the same time as the Cheese Quesidilla!

It had been in there long enough that the package was tight as a drum! I hope the trash gets taken out before it explodes!


Robin said...

Thats funny. thats sick but funny. leave it to your kids to hide things.
Can't wait to see them.

Lisa said...

that is funny! i got my own blog!!!