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Friday, July 4, 2008

4th Of July

Every 4th of July we gather in my Mother's back yard and camp out. It is so much fun.

We really do sleep in the tents all weekend and even eat outside!

Here is the layout of the yard:

The Pool - where we spend a majority of the time.

Here is our tent. Yes, ALL six of us slept in this tent!!

This is my sisters tent.

The Outhouse!!! It is actually a tool shed. BUT, there used to be a little port-a-potty in there that the kids would use. I think that my step-dad got tired of emptying it out!

The snack/plate and utensil/music/drinks area! I think we had 4 or 5 coolers full of soda and water!

This year we had a Wii tournament. We had 6 events (I think!) and played to the death.

I have to admit that my 6yo dd beat the pants off of me in Boxing. She would hit me so hard that my buy would come up off of the floor. She knocked me out in the third round. :)

More Wii...

My dh got fried this weekend. He ended up being lobster red.

The all important grill is in the background. My dh is carrying some food back into the house after one of our feeding times!

I have more pics to post and to catch up with all the time that I missed; but, I will have to do it later.


Robin said...

That was a blast. We should have bigger prizes next yr.

momma24 said...

Yes, I absolutely think that they should be bigger and more expensive prizes!!! Actually, we could just play for chocolate, works for me!

Kristine said...

That looks GREAT! What a great family tradition!