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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday, Oh Thursday Prayers

Thursdays at camp are very hard.  It is the day that most of them realize that they will be going "home" the next day.  There are many tears and acting out on Thursdays. 

We also have Talent Night on Thursdays.  Everyone gets the chance to stand in the spotlight no matter what their 'talent'.  Everyone shines and everyone cheers.  The tears flow as we watch these children behave like children that don't have any cares.

Then comes Graduation.  RFKC is only for 7-11 yo.  So, on Thursday nights we give them a special necklace and talk to them about remembering what they learned about God and themselves.  It is painful to watch the kids realize that they can not come back.  Unless they come as counselors when they are 18.  I have said good-bye to many children over the last 12 years.  Each one brings tears to my eyes.

Tonight is the last night we can work on the memory books.  Please pray for focused attention and for time to move slowly so we can get them done!

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