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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Finally some pictures!

I have been taking pictures, I just haven't been getting them off of the camera. lol  So today you get inundated with pics from weeks past.  heehee

Okay, I decided to put the pics in different posts with different dates so that I can keep track of them better. 

These pics are from the last soccer tourney we went to.  It was blazing hot all day with no shade.  Good times.  What we do for our kids, right?

She out ran her and might have scored on this one. Can't remember!

Yeah, we incorporate the Crane move anytime we can!! hahaha

Fancy Schmancy footwork.  And yes, she really is that much bigger than the other girl.

No, he wasn't yelling at her.  He's a great coach and had some great teaching moments with her.

She seems to be in that position a lot, doesn't she? lol

The girls ended up getting 3rd in this tourney.  They played hard against some teams that had been together for quite a while and actually play the 3v3 circuit.  Yes, they have such a thing for 3v3 soccer.  Who knew?

It was a great experience and I hope she can do it again sometime.  For now, she is counting down the days for AYSO to start their season again.

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