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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I wasn't really ready for camp this year. It just sort of snuck up on me. But there was no postponing it so at the last minute we packed and set off. Sunday at camp is always hectic. We have to decorate and set up the whole camp so that on Monday morning we can be ready for the kids. It always gets done but the thrill of fear is always present!

The kids arrived and one of my campers was a return camper. She was such a joy the first year we had her that I was thrilled to get her back. My other camper was new and very nervous. The other two counselors in my room had three new girls and one returning camper between them. One counselor had been there last year and we got a newbie as well. Both of my co-counselors are absolute gems.

Our girls were 7-9 years old and they were so sweet. We had a great week with not too much trouble. I had some great conversations with the girls about Heaven and God having a plan for their lives. I also got to tell one of our girls the plan of salvation. She asked during the bday concert why Jesus had to die on the cross so I told her all about it. It was pretty much the highlight of the week.

Except for watching my sister bring joy to a little guys life. This one little guy, J, found Robin/Bobbie and completely fell in love with her. He was almost catatonic and drooling for most of the week until Bobbie starte playing and dancing with him. He responded to her and would yell her name when he saw her coming. He talked to her and they even did a dance for talent night. By Friday, he stood on his chair and recited the memory verse without any help. He completely connected with her and she changed his life. I couldn't have been prouder of her and more completely in awe of how God works.

Camp is always full of challenges like the air conditioning going out in triple digit temps but the benefits outweigh any inconvenience on our part. I am amazed every year that God lets me be part of this. How precious these kids are and how awesome to be able to love on them and show them that they are loved and valuable just because of who they are.

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