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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Didn't see that one coming

While we were gone at camp my mom/dd called to say that our 9yo was sick. She had had some dental work done on the Friday before camp and so we thought it was a continuation of that. My mom called and got some antibiotics and we thought that would take care of it.

When we picked them up on Saturday I did a double take of her face. I thought she had something hidden in her cheek. It was swollen to around three times its normal size. OMW! I couldn't believe it. We made the decision right then to take her to the minor emergency clinic to have it checked out.

The doctor on call said that it was tooth related, maybe, and gave her a different medicine than earlier in the week. We had instructions to call back on Tuesday if it wasn't better. Well, Monday morning it wasn't better and I thought I should call the dentist. When I told them what was going on and what she looked like they worked us in right away. They confirmed that it was a tooth that had been previously worked on and would now need a root canal.

But they couldn't do it because she is too young. They called an endodontist and scheduled an appt. for later that day. The dentist prescribed yet another antibiotic and pain medicine. We had to make her take the pain meds bc she wouldn't admit how bad it was hurting. She felt better after the "happy pill"!!

The endodontist confirmed that she needed a root canal but wouldn't do it until the infection was gone. We had orders to keep giving the current meds and watch out for swelling that had moved up to her eye or down to her throat. He also said to watch for signs of trouble breathing. Nice. No worry going on my head.

Tuesday morning she woke up with swelling on her cheekbone. I watched it for a few hours just to make sure but it was definitely swelling. I decided to call the doctor rather than rush to the ER and asked Steven to come with us. Our doctor wasn't in the office so we saw a different doc. But his answer

They would have to admit her to run a CT scan and give IV meds. great. They arranged for the admission and we arranged for someone to watch the girls. Steven thought that we were only going for tests so we weren't quite prepared for the overnight stay being presented to us. The other thing we weren't prepared for was the thing they were looking for. An infection in the bone. Osteomyelitis. If they found that there would be weeks of IV meds daily. Scary stuff. The docs seemed pretty concerned when they saw her face which in turn made us more concerned.

We got word late that night that they had found no infection in the bone! Woohoo!! But, our old friend-sinus damage-came back to bite us in the butt. They could see a blockage in her sinuses that were completely full of junk. Chronic acute sinusitis. They didn't know how it migrated down to her jaw though. For that answer we get to go to an ENT. Yup, another specialist. We did get to go home the next day so that was great. Although she was living it up with her own personal chef, craft lady, and wii games! She didn't want to leave. lol

So, her facial swelling is going down. Her pain is almost gone. And we have months of meds and specialist visits to look forward to. We just might have to have surgery on her face sooner than we thought. :(

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Mary said...

Awww - that's got to be rough on you! Praying for you all.