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Monday, July 25, 2011

Post Camp Let Down

We are home from camp and I find my heart hurting.  I was so glad to see my kiddos and then glad to get Bug back but then I look at my prayer rock from camp and my heart breaks.  There were 37 kids at camp last week and they do not know the security of a stable family life.  Many of them are in wonderful foster families but too many of them are not. 

So many thoughts and moments at camp that forever changed me.  I am working on a post but it is coming slowly as my heart heals.


Cherie said...

Following you from the crew.

My heart is breaking with you! I'll be going back through to read more of your posts and I look forward to read your upcoming post. My prayers to you that your heart heals quickly. I know what you've learned and felt will be such a blessing to others :-)

Kenzie said...

you are awesome i love you sooooo much
(this is my awesome mom)

love yous truly kenzie