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Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a week

 My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stolen copy of my content.

It has been another long week at our house.  Monday morning I fell.  Not just the simple trip and fall.  Oh no!  I can't do anything half way, I have to go for the big ones.  lol 

I was sitting at the desk and stood up to get something off the printer but when I took a step I was off balance.  I don't know if the room started spinning but I felt myself falling and reached out for the little door on the desk.  I missed.  Next I reached for the box that was sitting there and realized too late that it wasn't solid enough to hold my falling weight.  My hand and arm went through the box as I continued to fall and got tangled up in it so I couldn't catch myself.  I landed on my shoulder and hit my head on the floor.  I must have tried to stop myself from falling because my legs were tangled up in the chair that was upside down and in a different position than it should have been. 

The dog came down immediately and sniffed me, licked me, and laid down beside me.  The girls came down pretty quickly and helped me up.  I knew right away that I had done something to my shoulder and neck.  I couldn't turn my head or raise my arm. 



By Wednesday I was so sore I could barely move!  I felt like such an old woman.  roflol  I decided to go to our osteopath to get an adjustment only to find out that he wouldn't because he thought I had torn my rotator cuff.  Oh yeah, I am that good!

X-rays...waiting...frustration...The doc came back and brought me back into the room and told me the news.  He didn't think the rotator cuff was torn but he couldn't be sure because of the swelling.  But, he said, that wasn't the area that worried him.  He brought out the pic of my neck and said that this was what was worrying him. 

Yeah, you read that right.  The x-rays of my neck had him worried.  Awesome.  Everyone's gotta love hearing that one! 

He went on to explain that blah, blah, blah and my cervical spine is straight up and down not curved and one of them is pushing out the back of my neck.  Awesome.  And oh by the way when it does that it puts pressure on the major artery that takes blood to your brain and that may be why you lost your balance in the first place. 

Sweet.  That just made my day. 

More questions and doctor talk.  Yes, I have been having dizzy spells.  No, I didn't think anything of them because I have been having sinus problems.  Yes, my neck has been hurting for a while.  No, I didn't think anything of it because I thought I was sleeping wrong on it. 

Well, he wouldn't give me an adjustment because the muscles were stuck in a huge spasm and it would have hurt too much anyway.  I got two fabulous prescriptions that make me feel all warm and tingly.  But, they make me drool uncontrollably.  (There's always a down side.)  I get to wait for the spasms to stop before going back in to get an adjustment.  But in the meantime if I have anymore dizzy spells or fall again I have to rush right back to the docs right away.

Marvelous.  That is just my idea of a good time.

So now I get to be freaked out thinking that my brain isn't getting enough blood and that I could pass out in front of the kids.  But then again, I could use this as an excuse for acting stupid or saying embarrassing things!!  I could really make this work for me.  ;-)

Then to top it all off, my oldest got nailed in soccer today.  They were playing an awesome team that was full of girls that could kick the ball more than half way across the field.  They had crazy power.  Well, B was charging up on a girl that had the ball when the girl kicked it with all she had and it sailed right into B's face.  It hit her squarely on her forehead, eyes, and nose.  Her head whipped backward then forward and it was hard enough that it knocked her feet out from under her and threw her to the ground.  She hit her head on the ground as she landed.  She rolled over to get up and collapsed.  Okay.  Some not so nice words raced through my mind, I admit it.  It scared me to death to see her just laying there.

I was holding on until I saw her coach running out to her and the ref bee lining for her as well.  The other teams' coach ran out to her too and I almost lost it.  She just laid there for what seemed like forever.   She did finally sit up as they were talking to her and you could tell she was dazed.  It evidently hit her with enough force that there were lines under her eyes from the seam on the soccer ball!  The ref made her sit out-thankfully.  She sat on the side lines shaking her head and rubbing her eyes.

She didn't sit out long before she asked to go back in.  Seriously.  She played but kept rubbing her eyes.  At the end of the game she was a little glassy-eyed and I could tell that she wanted to cry.  Who could blame her?  Walking back to the car she was staggering and swaying.  By bedtime tonight her face had started to swell and there was some bruising.

I think she might have a slight concussion.  I wouldn't be surprised anyway.  Hopefully she won't have too many bruises.  13 yo girls are pretty particular about the way they look and I think that just might make her too self-conscious to go out in public!!

Tonight I will be waking her up periodically just to make sure she will wake up and we will see how she is acting as to whether we need to take her in or not.  Of course if she does bruise it would make for some great pictures! roflol  And yes, I would post them on here...everything is blog fodder!!


MeritK said...

Wow - what a week for you! I will be praying - please keep us updated. God Bless, Merit

Berry Patch said...

My goodness! I pray everyone is doing better and on the mend! ;-)