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Monday, March 28, 2011

Long Weekend

and I don't mean that in a good way. It wasn't bad just long.

It started with soccer on Saturday. At least it would have but for the weather. We woke up early and being the great desperate mom that I am I made them eat whatever they could find before they expended vast amounts of energy on the field. I'm certain pretty sure guessing that they ate something mostly half-way nutritional edible.

I spent some quality time putting my hair in a pony-tail before scavenging for hats and gloves for everyone in the known universe. I dug in the bottom of the hall closet and came up with 6 left hand gloves and 8 right hand gloves. Oh yeah, that made me happy! But what made me even happier was when said stinky awful children of mine said, "I don't like any of those, aren't there any others?" To which I graciously patiently shrieked, "If you don't like the ones I found, find your own!"

I stomped back to my room while screaming reminding the kids to dress in layers because it was very cold out. About an hour before we were to leave one of the rugrats children of my loins asked if she could just wear a jacket. (I must admit that I almost went Xena on her. It was not a pretty picture. truly.) instead of yelling one more time, I dodged diverted the question to my wonderful hubby who had been hiding out getting ready and had no clue about the previous yelling matches conversations. I'm certain he handled it better than I would have. ;-)

We finally had everyone and everything rounded up and coralled strapped in buckeled up when we got a text. No game. The first game had been cancelled due to weather. Niice. Do you know what happens when you have four kids swaddled up for sitting in 40* weather and they don't get to go out in it? That's right, Momma gets cranky! Why? Because they all came in and like Pigpen, they sloughed off their outer layers and left them where they dropped. Seeing the carnage that those layers wreaked on my house threw my crazy radar into overdrive. It didn't help that the oldest was pouting since it was her game that was cancelled.

When it was time to get ready for the next game, the above process was repeated almost down to the last glove. This time, however, we successfully made it into the car and to the soccer fields. Progress! Steven and I set our chairs in our usual spot and bundled up. We had already decided to spare the little ones the cold and left them in the car. Yeah, we are those parents that leave our kids in the locked car. But seriously, they had water and snacks. And the windows were cracked open so they had air...don't you judge me!

Anyway, after sitting in the fuhreeezing cold for thirty minutes the game was called. The other team hadn't even shown up. Yeah, isn't that great? We thought so too. We loaded the car back up and tried not to talk to eachother. Trust me, it was better that way. Hey, at least the car ride home was peaceful!

After we returned home I had high hopes of just being together as a family. Bwahahaha if you don't know why I'm laughing re-read the first part of this post again then come back. I'll wait. ......See what I mean? Yeah, I was dreaming. But a girl has to have dreams! We sat together for a while downstairs until the arguing between my offspring brought out the crazy lady again. Then I had to go and hide.

We finally came back together again as a family long enough to go out to eat with good friends and all was right with the world. Visiting with friends is like a balm to the soul. Then it ended and we had to take the beloved offspring back home. No, the other family wouldn't take them...we asked! (just kidding-mostly!) for some reason getting them to bed that night was pure torture a little more work than usual. I am pretty sure that several of them went to bed in the clothes they wore that day. Huh, I seem to be okay with that!

The bright spot was church on Sunday morning. We are loving our church and can't wait to go on Sundays. I am so glad the longing to be in church has returned.

The mood in the house didn't last long when I came home to a totally wrecked kitchen and was expected, by said children, to make them lunch. Momma say what? Oh I don't think so. Let me just say that I was not the only one in the kitchen cleaning or cooking. They earned their lunch that day! Heehee

Naps were had by momma and daddy-who knows about the kids. Lol We did watch several movies together and then long about the time they were to go to bed the oldest two remembered some assignments that were due the next day. They hadn't finished them. Oh joy.

Yup, you guessed it-I stayed up helping them. I guess help might be a strong word since I kept correcting their grammar and made them re-write things more times than was probably necessary. But it was sure fun!

By the time I went to bed a cold had set in and I was miserable. I didn't wake up this morning in any better mood than I was the day before and it showed. :-( it got better-mostly. Now, I am sitting in a quiet house nursing a crazy sore throat and counting up the days until Sabbath Week! Lol


Marie said...

RENITA! That was so funny! I have no idea why I came to your blog (I put it on my desktop the other day to remind myself to read it later.) Maybe it was to check out Sabbath week? Anyway glad I found this post it had me cracking up! I could've wrote it! Glad to know I'm in good company ;-) Wish we lived closer so our wild younguns could play togeth:-)

Lynn said...

stopping by from the TOS Blog Walk. Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

Lynn said...

stopping by from the TOS Blog Walk. Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)