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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Travel Kits TOS Review

I love planning and making lists for trips.  No, really I do.  I will pull out my notebook and make a detailed list of what each person needs to pack in their suitcase.  Then, I will make a list of what needs to go in a communal bag.  It makes the process of leaving on a trip so much less stressful. 
However, once we actually get in the car and the long hours are staring us in the face what do we do?  Well, we have listened to music or books on tape and that is great but there are usually a bunch of hours left after we have finished the book. 
In comes the ebook by Donna Rees entitled Travel Kits A Simple Way to Bless Others.  It is a great book filled with ideas to use for your own family or to bless another family. 
Now, to tell you about this ebook without giving away too much is going to be kind of tricky.  But I’m going to try!
In this ebook, Donna Rees, outlines some ideas to make trips fly by while bringing your family closer together.  Her ideas are something that we kind of already do but the way she does it is much more fun!  It’s all about thinking through the part of your trip that is going to be the most mundane and making it interesting and fun.
Travel Kits are just what the name implies.  Kits that you use while travelling!  They are little gift items or food items that are wrapped individually for each person and placed in a common box or basket.  The author gives so many ideas about what to include and how to present it that you need to read through it several times to catch it all.  This ebook is chalked full of ideas that won’t break the bank.
When we were getting ready for our Fourth of July trip to my mom’s, I decided that we would give this a try.  I couldn’t go shopping by myself to surprise the girls so they came with me and helped.  I only told them that I was doing this for a review and they didn’t realize that they were going to get the items we were buying!
We went to the Dollar Tree to supply our Travel Kit.  I found some things that they could use once we got to our camp out and also some treats to eat in the car. 
Not a bad price for the amount of fun I anticipated!
I followed the authors suggestions for buying items, brought them home and wrapped them.
Here are all the items I bought.  I chose to put them in this cooler so that after we opened them, we could use the cooler for our drinks.
And the final product…
It was so much fun to get this ready that I can’t wait to do it again.  I am definitely going back and reading this ebook again to get more ideas. 
This ebook is 93 pages crammed full of ideas.  The author goes into great detail about How-to starting with the first chapter that’s titled, “The Basics”.  In this chapter she answers all the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How questions regarding Travel Kits.  The information keeps coming with chapters like “The Plan”, “The Presentation and Distribution”, and “The Payoff”.  The ebook is rounded out with a chapter full of helpful websites and a Bonus Features section.
You can find this ebook here for the great price of $12.45.  While you are at The Old Schoolhouse Store, check out some of the other great ebooks they offer.


**I was given this product so that I could give an honest review for The Homeschool Crew.  I was not paid for this review.


Mrs. White said...

Fabulous Job, my dear!!!

Mrs. White

berrypatch said...

Great job! ;-) I'm having fun putting together kits too.

Rodna Allman said...

Renita, I think you did a very good job of writing a review that was interesting to read!!!! Great job!!

momma24 said...

Thank you! It is a little intimidating. :-D

KyAnn said...

Cool review! Have fun next week and tell B I said to have a great time but I will miss her lots...

Catherine said...

Your kit came out really cute. I loved the photos!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

This sounds great! I used to do what we called "Trip Surprises" to help the boys through long days in the car. I'll have to take a look at this book!