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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A LONG Weekend!

We have been helping our relatives move. UGH!

Don't get me wrong, I love to help people move. I just get very frustrated because they don't do it the way I would/do/have.

I know, I know; that is VERY self-absorbed of me. I don't usually think that my way is best. Okay, maybe I do; I just don't say it out loud very often!

I have moved so many times in my life that it is an actual science now that is challenging only in how to do it better and faster.


Anyway, we did that on Friday and dh did more on Saturday. Saturday evening I was able to go to dinner and a movie with a girlfriend.

psst...I was without children for the whole evening and when I got home, they were in bed!

Needless to say I was up late both Friday and Saturday. (so were the kids) Sunday we went to dh's relatives house (the movers) to visit with his little brother and his wife. We stayed most of the day and came home to get ready for company that evening.

That couple (who is getting married in December!) stayed until around midnight. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and mentoring a young couple. (I am discovering a passion for mentoring young married or about to be married couples.)

Monday, we were able to be a somewhat lazy until I realized my bread maker was broken. I had to get a new one so I could make cinnamon rolls for the company that was coming over that evening!

We went to the movies in the afternoon and saw Kit Kitridge. It was great and tied into the history we are studying in Tapestry of Grace. Fun times.

After the movie, we rushed home to get ready for more company.

Our company that night was another young couple who has been married under five years. It just happened to be dh's youngest brother! We had a sweet time of fellowship and they stayed until 1am!!!

Needless to say, this morning we all overslept. Except dh, that is. We are all tired and ready for a quiet night at home doing absolutely nothing. :)

Nothing, except building nests for science and finishing the Wright Flyers and folding laundry and ironing and...


Lisa said...

WOW dude you were super busy!!! I wish i could be busy!

Robin said...

Yeah WOW
I'm glad it wasn't me.
So are you saying that if and when we move you won't be helping? How sad.

momma24 said...

Of course I will. Because we move the same way!!!

Lisa said...

Hey if she decides not to help i will....i might even if she does! haha

Robin said...

We do, we could start a moving company. Ha can you imagine doing that for a living? UGH