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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Another Great Tapestry Meeting

Our Tapestry group Met again and this time we were making pericscopes. It was quite an adventure! It took a lot of prep work by the mom's and when we were in the process, one of our little guys hit his head on a table corner and cut his head open. Seriously.

We got him settled down and then cleaned him up. Thankfully, his daddy was off work and was able to take him to the Dr. to get checked out. He was fine and no stitches were needed.

Lots of cutting was involved.!

The carnage from the scissors.

Waiting is hard when you just want to play. :)

The finished products were so much fun to use.

After our craft was completed, we had sharing time. This week we had two new 'sharers'. They were so cute! Neither one of them is *really* doing Tapestry; but they listen and learn anyway.

She told us all about Peter Rabbit.

My youngest showed everyone how she wrote her name! She was so excited to be able to share like the big girls.

By the end of the day, he just couldn't hold on any longer!

I love our group and I LOVE TAPESTRY!!!


Lisa said...

oh how i love to see kids do great things!!!

Beauty said...

Wow, so glad to be able to see the pictures. It is the next best thing other than being there. M

chillywilly said...

Scout looked so cute.