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Friday, September 12, 2008

It is raining. Again. Still. I do enjoy rain, just not everyday for a week. :) Okay, it hasn't really been a week; but, it feels like it!

I have some pictures that I took before the deluge started!

We found this flower growing under our bedroom window. Isn't it delicate?

Our Weeping Mulberry is weeping! I just thought it was a cool picture. :)

The girls think that piles and piles of these are really super cool! Dh doesn't like finding them in the yard while he is mowing.

This is some of the ivy that we uprooted and didn't see it was growing here. It has attached itself to a spider web and is being held up by the web. It was so cool!


chillywilly said...

How grose, is the mulberry weeping on anything?
Cool pics.

Lisa said...

Did you get a flood? We are leaking!!! eewww