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Thursday, September 4, 2008

How did she learn to do that?

Today, the youngest wanted to do school. I had bought some books for her and she was thrilled.

It started with tracing lines.

It moved onto letters.

Then, she wanted to write her name!

I thought, why not. It probably would just be some scribbles; but, lets try.

I wrote her name and told her to look at it and then write it.


Here is a picture of her name. It's not a great picture but I think you can see it!

The second line is hers. Isn't that cool?!!


Lisa said...

I am so excited for Nay!!!! She did so well! That is amazing!!!!! YAY!!!!

Robin said...

OH MY WORD!!!!!!
Go Scout!!!!
Very proud of you.

Heather Bird said...


It is Heather from Utah. Oh my gosh, I can't believe I found your Blog. I have one too. my company one is
Your girls are Beautiful. We need to catch up it has been a while.
Love your blog!! I have two sister in laws that homeschool I admire that so much.

Laura in MO said...

Very cool! :)