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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Incredible, Unbreakable Egg

We are learning about birds and their eggs this week. Our experiment was to try and break an egg by just squeezing it.

The girls were so excited to try this and they were just sure that they could do it!

Here is the first attempts:

Nobody could seem to get it done!!

They were kind of disappointed that they couldn't break them. They thought that it was cool, but they wanted to get messy!

I told them how to break them without hitting them and let them try!

It took a little longer than they thought!

All in all it was fun and it drew our neighbors out of their houses when they heard the screaming from yolk running down their arms!!


Beauty said...

Sure wish I had been in on that one. Not the mess though. The pictures are great! How beautiful they are!!!!!!!!!!!M

Donna said...

We tried this last year and were amazed at how hard they were to break! Finally called in my older son--he strained for a little bit, then it exploded--went all over the floor, cabinet, his face, the ceiling....

I can see you were much wiser and decided to try it outside. lol. What fun.

Kristine said...

Renita, this is a RIOT! You know how checkers are SO careful with the eggs. When my kids were little, I used to make them stand on the cartons at the checkstand to show the clerks that they really would not break if anything was put on top of them. After they got to 60 lbs. though, I stopped taking my chances!

(Besides, they were old enough to be mortified every time I did it, lol.)