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Monday, June 9, 2008

These flags are put our every Memorial Day and they always take my breath away.

Our 6yodd thought that she would enjoy some sour candy. I got my camera out just in time to get her reaction to the bite! (yes, I was driving at the time. I just turned the camera around and didn't even look at what I was taking! DON'T tell my dh!)

This is our Home School gymnastics class. Our dd is the one upside down!

Everyone wanted pancakes, except Mom. So, They decided to make them on their own. WOOHOO! One less meal I have to make. :))

She/they did a great job! Everyone gobbled them up.

My dh's 20 year reunion was this last weekend and we actually went to the activities and had a ball.

It was not until we were almost there that my children informed me that they never thought we would take them bowling! UGH.

We went bowling.

Her score was 100.

Her score was 117.

Her score was 120

Her score was, well..

Yeah, big sis had to go and get the ball that got stuck half way down the lane. This happened twice. The people that work the lanes saw it both times. The third time it happened, someone else that worked there saw it and yelled at her for it. I was ready to come unglued. Had she said one more word to my dd, I would have had to go Xena on her and that would not have been pretty!

We had a great time. Dh bowled around 120 and my all-time high score was 99. I got THREE strikes and around 4 gutter balls!! It was a lot of fun. But, now I am sore. Maybe I should do it more often? Nah.

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Robin said...

Ok you have to remember Xena isn't allowed to go out and play anymore.