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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

An Interesting Weekend

Last week I decided to go to a family reunion without my dh. Why, I am not sure. I know, I went because my wonderful sister was going and said that she would help me with the kids.

She is a wonderful sister.

Anyway, I went to work on Thursday and then we left to head to my mom's for the night. As we started out, the thunderstorms rolled in. I went anyway. I am determined once plans have been made. :)

These pictures are what we saw all the way to my mom's. Yes, I was taking pictures while I was driving. SHHH, don't tell!

This was looking to our left. Just south of the highway we were on.

This was to the north of the highway we were on.

This was in front of us. We had a semi-clear path to follow of relatively calm weather! Praise God.

After the storm passed, we could see that another one was rolling in behind us and headed for our city.

It was just too beautiful to pass on the pictures. The girls said that the clouds looked like mountains and when do get to see mountains in the very center of the US flat lands?!
I have MANY more pictures of the weekend! I think I took over two hundred. HEEHEE Mostly scenery! I will be posting these periodically throughout the day.


Amanda(RFKC) said...

The clouds look beautiful. We saw a full rainbow with another starting above it last week. I don't love the damage from storms, but I am fascinated by the way the sky looks during and after. Thanks for sharing your pics.

Laura in MO said...

Yikes! That first photo looks sorta scary! Glad you all had a safe trip to the reunion.