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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Surprises in the Yard

I am not sure that I have had so many flowers in a yard before! It is wonderful to go out and find new blossoms!

These are in front and we were told that they had not bloomed in a few years!

Oh, wait, he is not a blossom from the yard! The youngest just decided to 'pretty him up'!!
Isn't he a good Daddy for letting her do this?

That's my man!


Laura in MO said...

yes, he is a very good Daddy!!! :) Sweet.

Kristine said...

Hey, we have those purple things in our front yard!

And YES, it takes a real man to wear a girly headband, let his wife take a pic, and then let her post it! (Does he know you posted it, lol.)