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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More of the Trip!

Here are more pics of our trip.

This is Robin, my sister! We always have fun on our road trips. We have taken several over the years and they are always an adventure.

The van was soooo packed that the girls didn't have any room to move. Literally! The stuff was packed up on all sides, the trunk was full, and the seat between the oldest two was full. It was crazy!

My brother road his Harley, and we nearly had several heart attacks just watching the wind whipping him around. The scenery is of the dam that we had to cross to get to the bluffs. I don't like crossing over big waterways. I started getting tunnel vision and my hands were squeezing the steering wheel so tight that they hurt when I took them off!

Here is the lake. It was beautiful.

I think this is actually a lake we passed earlier on, but I am not sure. We took so many pictures!

Here is our tent. It housed my sister, me, and my four girls! The next tent over was my brothers and the next one over from that was for the Harley.

This is the inside of the tent. We were CRAMMED in there!

The other side of the tent!

My uncle lost his legs in Vietnam. He got this handy new motorized chair and he was zipping everywhere. However, he got stuck in the rocks that were surrounding the basketball court. I just had to get pictures documenting it!

The sunset the first night. It was just absolutely gorgeous.

Believe it or not, there are still many more pictures!

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