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Thursday, October 9, 2008

What I am Wondering is...

When did the media begin being so obvious in its bias? Have you really paid attention lately?

I have watched ABC's Good Morning America since I can remember. Seriously. I remember that guy named Dave and his co-anchor, Joan. I have watched it for a long time.

I don't ever remember being this disgusted with them before. Yes, we all know that the media is Liberal. It is quite obvious. They are run by Liberals and the Liberals give them money. I think that the media runs much the same way as the Government. The media has 'Lobbyists' that give them money to promote certain things, and because they have more money than most anyone else; they get what they want.

Only now it has gone so far as to be blatantly biased and outspoken against anything that has morals. I will point out the Rosie O'Donnell incident in which she likened Christians to the terrorists that bombed the World Trade Center. Was anything done to her? Did she have to publicly apologize? NO! Was anything really even said about it after the fact? NO

Excuse me. How could no one demand an apology for calling someone else a terrorist? Actually, I did and Barbara Walters NEVER answered. And the only reason Rosie O'Donnell says it is because Christians believe that she is choosing to live in sin and that that is wrong. Wow, that is really a stretch to call us terrorists, don't you think?

Liberal Media.

This morning on GMA they were making a HUGE deal over the McCain comment on the Presidential Debate the other night. The Liberal Media is making it out to be a racial slur and are wondering why it is being tolerated. A racial slur? He said 'that one'. How is that a racial slur in the context in which he used it? No one brought up race except the Obama campaign and the Liberal media. McCain was just saying that it was that person over there that voted for something that would harm the American people.

If you ask my opinion, the Liberal media is just using this as a distraction technique to draw us away from the Socialistic idealogy of Barak Obama. Listen to what he says. If you listen, he will give away a little of what he really believes in every speech. He is already infringing on our 1st Amendment rights in Missouri by having the Obama Truth Squads.

How much more will we tolerate?

Are we really going to allow The United States of America to become a Socialist America?


Beauty said...

You go girl! I second that. I wrote to Charlie Gibson, and told him how dissapointed I was in his action when he was interviewing Sarah Palin. I no longer can watch him and I told him so.
I also wrote Bill Orielly(not sure if that is how you spell it) I said that 1st B.O said he didn't know his pastor was a U.S.A. and white hater. Now , he says he didn't know Ayers was a territest. Do we really want a President with his head in dark places. Sometimes you just have to let them know how you feel. m

bec said...

Each generation will have to determine for itself what is best for them and we will have to hand it over to them, whatever decision is made. It happened in Biblical times also. We have to trust in the good Lord and pray that we have fought hard enough and strong enough and instilled our values in those that are strong enough to make the differences that are needed. Sometimes we can't see the trees for the forest.. Hopefully those that have been sitting quietly will stand when the time comes and be led by their values and choose wisely, we can only pray. But the choice is God's and so is the plan and we can only prepare ourselves for either outcome. Because either way it happens, there is going to be bad things happening. But....that just the way I feel. Anyway - you go girl - I got your back!!!!! or your side, front, where ever you want me!!! lol