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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I just found these going through the pics on the computer and thought I would share. :)

He is enjoying the Craft Day snack food! We caught him in the act.

She did NOT want me taking her picture. HEEHEE!

I LOVE this picture in a picture. Go me!

Sorry, Brother, but we had to. :}

Now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.


chillywilly said...

You are going to be in so much trouble if brother see's that. you know his baby does not get dressed up.. HHAAHHAAHHAAHHAA :):):)
Pay backs go both ways darling.

momma24 said...

Now, we are even. Remember the last pic you posted of me????

No more, really. Seriously.

bec said...

I just love picture I had some on the computer :(, man could I post a couple.......luv ya!!!!! lol

Beauty said...

How funny, I'm usually not liking my picture taken. Your bro. better not find this picture...I hope you can run fast.
Great picture of the sunset and you. m

momma24 said...

That is Robin in the picture!!!

Beauty said...

ups, sorry, didn't have my glasses on. m

Lisa said...

Robin you need to smile more...haha!!!

chillywilly said...

oh please, Lisa I smile on the inside.