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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Menu

Okay, Kristine over at Jewels of My Own posts her menus and it is finally just too much for me to handle. The pressure is overwhelming. So, here is my menu.

It is late as we started this menu on the 6th; but at least I am doing it, right?

Monday-- Chicken Quesadillas
Tuesday-- Hoagies
Wednesday-- Beef Calzones
Thursday --Leftovers *my favorite night!
Friday-- Co-op Night taking treats-sandwiches on homemade bread at home
Saturday-- Eat Out **my real favorite night :)
Sunday-- Cheesy Potato Soup
Monday-- Grilled Chicken
Tuesday--Chipotle Burritos
Thursday--Chicken Tetrazini

I don't have any backups other that Pizza Hut or McDonalds and I don't schedule Lunches or snacks. For breakfast, they can have pancakes, waffles, french toast, or whatever else they want to fix. :) (I make big batches of the hot stuff and they heat them up as they need them.)

Now, I must tell you that I feel immense pressure to stay with this menu. It is silly, I know.

BUT, we are out of budget and this is the food we have in the house. So, we will try and stick to the menu. :0)


chillywilly said...

no pressure sis. even if it is the only food you have in the house. HA :) I haven't been shopping in a month or more. We get food for the day or maybe even week. Oh weel. I hate grocery shopping

Lisa said...

stop making me so hungry!!!Chicken tetrazini sounds really good!!! MMMM...