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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Still More...

I won't post ALL 200 pictures I took over our weekend, promise! I am just picking a few more. :)

Driving out in the middle of 'corn territory', we kept hearing a strange knocking sound from the back of the car. When we finally stopped on the country road with no help in yelling distance, this is what greeted me right outside my car door. Needless to say, I DID NOT get out of the car. I let my wonderful husband face whatever the corn was going to throw at us! HEEHEE
(I am mostly just kidding. When my sis and I were in high school we watched Children of the Corn and have been freaked out ever since!)

The mist was beautiful. It lasted for quite a while.

'What a thing of beauty' to quote my dh!

This is the face that he gets when I force him to chew up 2 Vitamin C tablets at the same time. I was laughing so hard that the tears were rolling down my cheeks! He didn't do that again. :)

Since my hometown has a Hot and a Cold water tower, they fascinate me. We saw one later that was a tea kettle. I just could not get it to stand still so I could take a picture of it.


chillywilly said...

Why would you make him chew 2 c tablets?

momma24 said...

Because I had a cold and I didn't want to give it to him. Also, I just wanted to see his reaction to chewing them!!!

chillywilly said...

you are evil. thats funny

Kristine said...

WHAT was it that you saw in the cornfield? And LOL about the face! And making him DRIVE while he had to chew!

Megan said...

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