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Monday, January 23, 2012

We Choose Virtues Reviews

I hate it when I find a great product too late.  You know the ones that you find when your kids are older but they could have helped you out so much when they were younger?

Yeah, those.

I have found just such a product.  We Choose Virtues is a great company with a product that brings Virtue studies to a whole new level.

We Choose Virtues was created by Heather McMillan, my wife of 20 years, out of her love for children and her desire to see them reach their personal potential. As a preschool teacher and a children’s pastor, it concerned her how often she came across children whose lack of self control, honesty and perseverance was almost debilitating. How could they succeed in life without the skills that come from good character?

To read more about We Choose Virtues, visit this page on their website.  There is also a great Q & A page that will answer your questions.  To find out how it works go here and read all about it.  There is so much great information on their website that I highly recommend you visit it and take your time to look around.

This is a wonderful approach to teaching virtues that your kids will love.  I was able to review the Virtue Clues Cards and fell in love with them.  These cards sell for $5.99.  "They are full color and feature The Virtue Kids, their names, the Virtue catchphrase and antonyms, and on the back a "You can do it" challenge!"  These are such a handy size that I found I could carry them around the house with us to reference when we needed to.

I also received the Teachers Handbook-a download for $4.99- and the coloring Book-a download for $3- to review.  Both are great tools to have, one for the parent and the other to reinforce each virtue.

I have loved having these Virtue Clues Cards handy and I love that the catchphrases are so positive.  They take the stance of "I am..." instead of  "I will not...".  It is a distinction that marks this program as a step up above the rest.  I also love the bright colors and absolutely adorable illustrations. 

I really do wish that I could have had these when my older girls were young but we are going to use them now anyway!  I decided to use them a little differently than the Handbook says but I found it to be effective for my older girls.  Each day I would pray over the cards and then I would have the girls pick a card and that would be the Virtue they were to work on for the day.  Each and every time The Lord gave them the card they really needed!!  It was great and we will keep doing it.

 We Choose Virtues have kits available for the Family, Homeschool, Kids Church/Sunday School, Faith-Based Schools, Community Schools, and Mentoring.  They have something for just about everyone!

If you want a Virtue Study, then I highly recommend this one.  You won't be disappointed with We Choose Virtues

While you are there don't miss their Clearance page.  There are some terrific deals going on you just might want to take advantage of!!

**I was given a copy of these items in exchange for my honest review.

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