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Sunday, January 4, 2009

School Happenings

I haven't posted anything about Tapestry of Grace for a while. It isn't because we are not doing it or because we are disappointed with it. It is because we have been so busy enjoying it and *doing* it that I have just not taken the time to post anything.

We have been so blessed to find Tapestry that I can't believe the year is half over! Usually by this time I am researching how to send the kids to school! Seriously. This year, we were ready for break, but the girls were asking if they could do some of their reading during break! They are loving it and learning so much.

Anyway, we are doing the Twentieth Century and learning vast amounts of really cool things! (how's that for a great sentence?!)

These pictures are not in the order they should be; but, I didn't want to take the time to rearrange them!

When we studied WWII, we had a friend who served during the War come and talk to us. The kids were enthralled with his stories.

At the end of Unit 2, we had a celebration and shared what we learned and showed some of our projects. The kids also recited F. D. R.'s famous speech after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

These pictures should be among the first! Oh well. Here the kids are finishing their blimps. We made replicas of the Hindenburg. It was messy fun!!

These pictures should have been put with the last unit. And, I am not so sure that I haven't already posted them!! We made Faberge eggs.

In Tapestry we are now turning our attention to China and then more of the Cold War. It is interesting to re-learn these things with better information sources than I had the first time. Things are making more sense to me and I am better able to explain them and help the girls to think through them logically.

We also get to do awesome hands-on crafts!!


Laura in MO said...

Love all the photos of your TOG projects. They look great!!

Mrs. Edwards said...

I'm so excited that you love Tapestry! Our little TOG group has been really fun for me and nudged me into following through on some of the projects that I tend to skip.

The Ties that Bind Us said...

These pictures are awesome! We love TOG too. I haven't blogged about any of our projects, but I guess I should share them. We have so much fun. Is it nice doing this in a co-op setting? Come join the network, we have a TOG group. I sure would love to connect with you there.

Wild Homeschool Family said...

Fun, fun, fun projects!