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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Random thoughts and pictures to prove it!

My mom and step-dad got a new dog just before Christmas. Her name is Bailey and she is an Old English Sheepdog. She is very cute and she just loves our youngest dd! Bailey tries to herd her wherever she goes. It is pretty funny. :)

We had a birthday in December. I didn't really forget the birthday, just to post pics of it!! Our third born turned 7 this year. ugh I don't like to see them growing up. Okay, I kind of do; but, it makes me a little sad as well.

She is really starting to read well and loves to practice whenever she can!

This is the cake she asked for. My mother can make the most phenomenal cakes and our third born asked for a cake that looked like a sky! Her favorite color is blue and so this cake was perfect. :)

This last picture I probably shouldn't show anyone. BUT, I found it so fascinating that I just have to. :)
We (and I mean the girls) left a bowl of mashed potatoes on the counter and refused to scrape the remains into the trash. I refused as well. It is their job and they need to do it. ;)
Well, a few days later I looked into the bowl and was met by a surprise. I was sure that someone had left a giant cotton ball in the bowl or some fuzzy ball. Upon further inspection, I realized that it was mold!
It was the coolest mold I have ever seen and I have seen more than my share! It was almost feathery looking. It looked so soft, almost like a rabbits' tail.
After oohing and aahing over it for a full 10 minutes I reminded the girls in a very loving tone that that is why it is important to scrape off the food and rinse the bowls. ;)


Wild Homeschool Family said...

The puppy is SO cute!

The mold not so cute but you're right about interesting.


Kristine said...

Beautiful cake.

The potato "experiment" can be added to your list of 10 reasons to continue to hs, haha.