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Friday, May 2, 2008

One Day a Boy and a Girl...

Sixteen years ago, a boy and a girl stood before a gathering of friends and family to dedicate their lives to one another and to God.

Vows were spoken and promises made.

A new life begun.

Marriage is hard and messy. Anyone who is married can attest to that. It is not always fun and carefree. It is a daily commitment to look out for someone else before yourself and to love that person even when they are unlovable.

Sixteen years...

I did not even want to get married while I was in high school. I wanted to date and move to New York, work on the stage and probably live with someone. I was not a Christian and had no aspirations for anything better.

Then came a wonderful young man who treated me differently than other guys and I was hooked. He was incredibly handsome, mind you, but he was different inside and everyone that knew him could see it. He was a gentleman. He treated me like a lady, even when I didn't act like it.

The dating ensued and I knew almost instantly that I did not ever want to be without him. It was a natural fit in my heart and mind.

After dating for three years he was privy to most of the warts that I had and he was still willing to hang around! We fought, loudly. We argued, a lot. We always came back together stronger than before.

The first years of our marriage taught me about sacrifice and change, mine. How he ever stuck by me during that time I will never understand. He loved me in spite of myself and his commitment never wavered.

Sixteen years and I am still wildly in love with this man that is truly, my better half. He is my best friend. He encourages me to be better than I am and loves me through the ugliness in my heart. He makes me laugh when no one else can.

He understands my heart, both good and bad, and accepts me anyway.

We have been through a lot in our sixteen years. We have some children already waiting for us in Heaven. (maybe that is where all the boys are!) We have had health problems, financial problems, family problems, and we are still standing. Together.

I can't wait for the next Sixteen Years...


Robin said...

Oh what a beautiful post. You made me cry again. You both are truly blessed.
I love You both

Kristine said...

Renita, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! What a lovely tribute to your husband, to your marriage. Isn't it amazing what Jesus can do?!