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Friday, March 21, 2008

Presidential Fitness Testing

Through our homeschool group we are doing the Presidential Fitness testing. It has been going well, I guess!

None of the girls are going to get anything more than Participation. And I am okay with that! They have all done their best and that is enough.

We (read dh) had to run the timed mile, half-mile, and quarter mile. It went really well. I got to sit on the driveway with my notes and cheer them on!!!

Dd 1 actually made National on her run. WOOHOO! When she was done, she collapsed on the curb. ;)

Dd 2 is pretending to be in pain. (Actually, for the next two days, she really was sore!)

This was dd3's first time to do the testing. She really did a great job. She ran the whole way and did not stop to rest!

No, dd4 didn't really do the testing; she just wanted to feel part of it! She was so excited to be able to be a 'big kid'!

This is just our neighbor's tree that I think is pretty. While I was sitting in the driveway cheering, I was able to ponder the beauty around me. (HEEHEE)

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Kristine said...

GREAT job, all of you! I remember this from elementary school!