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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Inspiration for this morning

It was a late night and an early morning and I needed a strong dose of cappuccino this morning. When I opened the cabinet, I couldn't help but smile as I was met with a glorious sight. A full shelf of my favorite morning addiction, I mean drink!

I have gotten some new mugs since the last time I posted pictures of my collection!

The first three were gifts from my children. :)

This one was a gift from my dh for Valentine's Day. He knows what I like!

This is what I find when I slurp out the last drops of the warm, sugary goodness.

I got this one from Starbuck's. I don't really care for their coffee; but their mugs are rockin'!

This one is actually Steven's. It could be mine in a very short time. I could use it during the day and he would never know the difference!!

Here is a picture of the toe this morning. This really doesnt' do it justice, I just couldn't get my camera and my eyes to work together this morning.


chillywilly said...

should you be drinking this?
Great mugs

Cynthia said...

That's quite a collection.