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Sunday, March 1, 2009

A great start to the week!

The kids went to my mom's this weekend for a little fun and relaxation. For them as well as us! When I picked them up this afternoon, my oldest said that she hurt her toe this morning. I was pretty sure that it was no big deal and my mom said that she had taped it to make my dd feel better!

I didn't look at it. Not a great choice, but hindsight is always very convicting! We sent her and her sister to AWANA Games practice this afternoon with a firm 'you'll be just fine' and a knowing look to eachother that said, 'she's totally faking it'.

After practice, she came in the house and was in tears. She peeled her sock off and looked like she was turning green. When I saw her foot, I almost turned green!

Her toe was swollen as well as part of her outer foot and the inside part of her toe was turning a sickly blackish/blue color. Um yeah, I think that we may be making a trip to the doctor in the morning to have it checked out.

I know that I don't usually have the best of luck in judging these things, so I am putting it out there right now; I get the bad mom award. Again.

I don't know if it is broken, at this point it doesn't really matter. I should have checked it. Maybe next time I will look at the owie and I will be able to tell if something is really wrong or not.

Then again, I probably won't be able to and will keep making kids use broken appendages for days on end while I keep insisting that they are fine.

Ain't life grand?

Here is a picture. It's not very good, I was having a hard time not laughing because it looks so cool! I mean gross. I mean bad. Nah, it is cool!

p.s. I love you Mom!!


Beauty said...

ok, I always say no blood at my house, now add broken anything. I feel so bad, I just told her the Dr. would tell her to tape it and wear a tight show. How many times have we all run our toes into something, I did the same thing and in the same spot. Sure wish it had been me, I limp anyway. UG

momma24 said...

It's not broken! It's just badly sprained/jammed. The dr. thought that it was when he looked at it, but it's not! yay :)

chillywilly said...

It's the curse I'm telling you.
It does look pretty cool tho.
Give her my love

Cynthia said...

OUCH. Poor thing.