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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Top Ten

My Top Ten Reasons for Not Quitting Homeschooling:

10. I love learning and if they kids weren’t here, people would look at me strangely for buying all of those workbooks.

9. I would have no reason for my house to be a mess.

8. I would have no reason to have so many boxes of books waiting to be used.

7. What would I do all day long, if I weren’t reading or teaching something to someone?

6. Where else can my patience be perfected so perfectly?

5. I LOVE Hands on crafts!

4. School supplies are an obsession and my husband wouldn’t allow me to buy them just for myself!

3. I enjoy strange looks and comments at the store when we are out during the school day.

2. I can stay in my pj’s all day and no one will ever know.

1. I have asked, pleaded, begged, cried, whined, yelled to God and He won’t let me quit! ;)


Debbie said...

Renita, I love #10! LOL

chillywilly said...

Ok not to add to your obsession ( or mine) but I learned that you can go to e-bay and buy 2,000 pens for $8. maybe we should think about that. No I'm joking well not really but we shouldn't.

Donna said...

It's just too fun, isn't it?