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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Day to Remember

This morning (yesterday!) I got a call from my sister asking or saying where is mom, is she coming over there, have you heard from her? Now, I couldn't really understand her since I was really still asleep. I had overslept, again, and she was waking me up.

I woke up much faster when I realized that she was telling me that mom had been in a car accident and was stuck on the side of the road.

Eyes flew open and brain started working.

I was fully alert now and ready to solve the problem. However, I did not have a car to aid in solving the problem. (mine is broken) My mom had called David, her dh, and he was on his way. I called my dh, who immediately set out for my mother. My sister called me and we whined about not being able to go. ;)

We called more and I was able to get dh to come back for the kids and I when they decided to take mom to the Emergency Room in the nearby town. Sister, Robin, set out at the same time. (Brother, Ronnie, came too!)

After we realized that dh's speedometer was around 15mph too slow, we made very good time!

We got there in time to see mom in a neck brace, (bad memories from her first broken neck) and glass all over her. Now, I may be being a bit dramatic here but you could see little, tiny pieces of glass sparkling all over her. A few minutes later the Dr., at least we think she was a Dr. she was dressed more like a nurse, told us there were no breaks. That is a good thing since they had mom up and sitting in a chair!! Seriously.

Anyway, as soon as they said it wasn't broken, mom tore off the neck brace and threw it across the room. (okay, she didn't throw it but there was a lot of passion in the turtle slow movements she was making) It took a full 10 minutes after that diagnoses to be discharged and for us to end up at McDonalds for breakfast. That's not that long considering that she can't walk that fast! ;0

I had the forethought to grab the camera on the way out the door. Actually, it may have been more of a morbid sense of 'I have to put this on the blog'; but, we won't tell anyone!

Here are the pics of my mothers 'Day She Met the Deer...'

Not a good picture of the little, teeny, tiny, nick on her face. I tried.

I snapped this when she was unaware. I was like a tiger waiting on its prey and then pounced when she was vulnerable.

Here is where it gets gross. The close ups of the hair from the deer is Robin's fault. I just want that out there.

The broken windshield and the deer fur.

Oh, yeah, an even closer look at the deer fur. Yum...

The hole the deer made in the windshield. In my effort to not think about how bad this could have been, we are not going to talk about this picture. :)

Some of the dents that were all over the side of the van. Oh, and a little sumpin', sumpin' from the deer.

More souvenirs from said deer.

A general overview of the front of the van. I guess she won't be using that side mirror anymore. :(

Isn't that a sad sight? We are hoping that they can fix her right up.

I know that I have been a little silly with this post and that it is actually a very serious issue. I just am not going to talk about it like that. Otherwise, I would end up in the loony bin and Robin would come over and hit me.

Seriously though, we are praising God for His protection and Mercies for our mother. thank you, Jesus.


chillywilly said...

It really isn't funny but that is the way we cope with the bad. Especially now that we know she has not broken anything. So sue us if you don't like it.
Good pics sis of the deer fur,hide,skin whatever you call it. I'm just sorry I didn't take my camera. I could have stopped and gotten some of the deer. Ugh!

Laura in MO said...

So glad your Mom is okay.... that was quite a scare! (and humor always helps!) :)

Molly said...

I'm glad your mom is scary! I know you'll have something extra to be thankful for next week!!